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Ordering info for foreign customers

Many thanks for your visit at our webshop.
Please check below what  PlayBrix is all about and how to order.

About PlayBrix:
The dimensions are 12cm x 2.4cm x 0.8cm
PlayBrix is made from plain pine wood. No chemicals used.
It is perfectly save even when kids put it in their mouths.
PlayBrix is tested by an independant labarotory and having official CE certifications.

PlayBrix is shipped out daily.
Shipping cost are 10 euro in case of shipment abroad, regardless the weight or the address.
For Holland it is always 6.75 euro.

The customer receives a tracking code by e-mail to follow the parcel.
Transit time is about 2-3 working days.

PlayBrix can be paid with Paypal, Sofort or normal banktransfer. (IBAN)
We ship out after we receive your payment on our account. is one of the webshops from our main company LiMa Trading BV.
Our paypal account is
Our bank account number is NL14Rabo0142081426, beneficiary “LiMa Trading BV”
How to order:
Please visit our webshop (Dutch version) or (German version)

Step 1: Select on the left of the site a quantity. 100pc , 200 , 500pc etc etc.
Step 2: Click on “bestellen”  for ordering.
Step 3: Check the “aantal” quantity and if the total price is oke.
Step 4: Click “bestellen” again to proceed.
Step 5: Fill in the form.

Step 6:  payment options

Step 7:

Step 8: When you selected “Bank transfer” you receive by e-mail your order with below our
bank details to send the payment manualy.   The ordering is now done.
Many thanks for your order.
Best regards,  PlayBrix support team.
Step 9: When you selected paypal, you will be re-directed to a paypal screen to finisch the actual payment. The ordering is now done.
Many thanks for your order.
Best regards,  PlayBrix support team.

Step 10:  When you selected Sofort you are re-directed to the sofort payment screen.
Select at the country selectionbox “Deutchland”
The screen will be translated in German. Please finish the order.

Many thanks for your order and we hope to see you soon again on our webshop.
PlayBrix support team.